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Product Description


Power and Comfort

The ultra-light CADEX Boost sets new standards in weight, rider support and comfort. Marrying the exclusive AFCT base and Integrated Rail Design has yielded a revolutionary carbon composite frame that provides maximum power transfer and compliance without extra grams, as our unique Particle Flow Technology provides the ultimate in rider support and comfort. 




    • Advanced Forged Composite Technology (AFCT) provides a stiff carbon composite frame that eliminates unwanted flex for maximum power transfer
    • Integrated Rail Design relieves pressure points and maximizes dissipation of road vibration
    • Smooth edges on the truncated nose reduce the chance of friction from pedaling
    • Free-flowing CADEX-specific ETPU particles help reduce pressure points by distributing weight across a broader contact area for a firmer, more comfortable ride
    Weight 138g
    Rail Material Carbon with Advanced Forged Composite Technology
    Rail Size 9mm, Integrated Rail Design
    Shell Advanced Forged Composite Technology
    Cover Microfiber
    Padding EVA+ETPU Particle Flow
    Width 149mm
    Length 246mm
    Stack Height 44mm
    UniClip Compatible
    Colour Description Black
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