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When you’re chasing a new PR, every advantage counts. Aerodynamics, efficiency, comfort and it—it all has to be just right. Engineered to meet the demands of professional triathletes and time trial racers, this speeding bullet has it all.

Designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics and dynamic wind-tunnel testing, the Trinity Advanced Pro delivers a proven aerodynamic advantage. Handcrafted from premium Advanced-grade composite and meticulously formed with AeroSystem Shaping Technology, this is the choice of Giant pro athletes including CCC Team racers. It offers a comfortable fit for long distance training and racing.


  • Aero efficiency : Extensive CFD analysis and dynamic wind tunnel testing result in superior aero performance in a race-ready configuration.

    Perfect fit : Refined frame geometry and a wider range of adjustability allow for a TT setup that’s designed to meet the unique demands of racing against the clock.

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