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Premium road race tyre offering the ultimate combination of speed, traction and puncture resistance. The Giant Carbon/Kevlar Composite bead, through greater strength, does not stretch and provides a safer interface with the tyre and rim. It can also withstand the higher pressures needed for road tubeless tyres and reduces air loss, making it the best choice for any tubeless set up.


฿ 1,100.00ราคา
    • RR-S compound provides ultimate low rolling resistance and excellent all-round grip
    • Optimised compound profile provides better tyre shoulder grip for outstanding cornering capability
    • Fast all-round tread pattern for maximum speed on the road
    • R-Shield Puncture Protection ensures a high level of puncture protection
    • Carbon/Kevlar Composite Bead keeps the tyre secured to the rim and provides greater strength to withstand the higher pressures needed for road tyres
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